Here’s a photo from the badminton tournament that I promised!

My amazing best friend and doubles partner after a long day's hard work.

This was taken with one of my best friends, and also my doubles partner. Neither of us had ever played doubles badminton before, and it was her first time ever competing in a tournament all together. Although we didn’t place, our one victory was satisfactory enough for us to run to the bathroom and dance, then we realized we still had another game to play! Our school showed such spirit, which I always love. Two of the boys playing doubles decided to wear matching goggles and knee socks! They definitely had my approval. One of the teams we played really stuck out to us. The girls had such sportsmanship, and were so down to earth. They would laugh it off when they make a mistake, just like we do. We really enjoyed playing with them, and we all said good bye at the end of the day. I actually had an embarrassing slip-up which I now find quite hilarious. The gym we were playing in was extremely hot, and my hands were very sweaty. On one swing, my palm was so sweaty that the racquet flew out of my hand! Luckily nobody was hurt, although there were a few laughs from the crowd, but my teammate and I joined. There’s really nothing not to like about tournaments!

That’s all for now!

xo Justine

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