The Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good video challenge sponsored by Aveda Canada┬áhas been one of my favourite assignments as Miss Teen Okotoks- World. The objective was to dress up glamourously in our sashes and crowns (hence the ‘look good’), and perform a good deed which left us warm and fuzzy. Good deeds are something I feel very personal about, and I thought it was an amazing idea for us to show how humble and down to earth us titleholders could still be, regardless of the fact that we’re considered beauty queens.

Ever since I can remember, my mother has always given me the advice to remember that when we perform positive actions, that they will make a difference. No matter how minor a good deed may seem, it’s always one more thing done. Something my mom does is when she goes to the grocery store and uses one of the shopping carts that require you to insert a quarter, she leaves her quarter in when she’s finished so the next person doesn’t have to pay. Even though its only a mere 25 cents, it may have brought a small amount of happiness or excitement to that person, even if it only lasted for a second.

Although sometimes my friends tease me for it, I occasionally pick up pieces of litter and dispose of them properly. This was shown through my video, which was of me picking up litter in a local park in my town. Of course I know that picking up one empty soda can won’t cure the Earth of pollution, I like to hope that I positively influence people around me. I always wonder what if would be like if everybody took a few moments of their busy days to pick up one piece of trash from the ground and throw it out.

My Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good video definitely reflected my own personal beliefs, and really hit home with me. I’m very happy that I’m able to spread the message that small actions and decisions can lead to a chain reaction. I remember a few years ago my mother and I went to a drive through coffee shop, and when we pulled to the window to pay, my mom asked to also pay for the person behind us. The next time we returned, we had the same employee, who remembered us and was excited to tell us that after we payed for the customer behind us, that person had decided to do the same. And that person had then also done the same! That chain had continued for nearly an hour!

I think its absolutely incredibly inspiring when humans can embrace the fact that we all live together, and that we’re all very similar deep inside, in the way that we all want to believe in universal kindness and goodwill. The progress that can be achieved through team work and cooperation can ripple and spread. I always tell myself that no good deed goes forgotten.

Feel free to check out my video here!

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Thanks for pitching in and doing your part in the Aveda institute video challenge Justine Orban, please d0nt forget to bring your raw unedited footage to Toronto so we can include it in the master video we are making.

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