Do you enjoy camping? Friendly competition? Going on adventures with your friends? How about helping give back to worthy causes? Look no further, the game of  ‘You Don’t Say’ is for you! You Don’t Say is a reality television show, travelling across the world, one town at a time. How do you play? In each town, a designated area in the local wilderness (ranging from forests to parks) is selected with set boundaries. For one week, five teams of two best friends are playing against each other. Each team will submit one rule that every team, except themselves, must follow to stay in the game. Examples of rules could be ‘You must run one half-hour a day’, or ‘You must go one meal a day without meat’. However, these rules must be approved by the host, Justine Orban, to assure they are reasonable and appropriate. The object of the game is to live according to the rules without giving up, and without speaking.

My poster for You Don't Say

So after reading the rules of this game, you’re probably wondering who in the right mind would want to ever live in the wilderness for up to a whole week, go through physically and mentally draining challenges, and not even be able to speak. The idea of not speaking for a set amount of time was inspired from Free The Children’s ‘Vow of Silence’. If you aren’t familiar with the Vow of Silence, here’s a quick break down. Eager, enthusiastic supporters of the charity receive pledges of money for each hour they can go without speaking a word, and the money is then donated to FTC. This means that with the total number of 10 players, even more is donated to this amazing charity than ever before! Not to mention, the winning team will also receive an awesome prize pack from Me to We Style, and an exclusive S-Trip with other winners of You Don’t Say (except on this trip, they will be allowed to speak!). One main requirement to be a contestant on the show is to have a minimum of 5 sponsors to pledge you on your vow of silence.

So let’s think about it… Going on an adventurous, once in a lifetime challenge with your best friend, pushing your own limits as you create a deep, meaningful connection with nature, and learning to communicate without verbal language, for a chance to win an incredible vacation- all while you’re giving back to charity! The question now is, who wouldn’t want to play?!

About my sponsors

 S-Trip is a well known company with a great reputation for incredible vacations to deserving students. After completing such challenging, difficult tasks during the show, and raising the most money for Free the Children, the winners would deserve a relaxing, rewarding trip with other worthy winners who share the drive and passion which has given them such an opportunity.

A household name in affordable, quality, Canadian everyday essentials. Giant Tiger has been providing the staples of what we need to manage our day-to-day lives easily and quickly. During the show, contestants should all be equipped with the same items to ensure fairness. Some of these items could be food, tools, containers, or first aid. Without these materials, much complexity and conflict could potentially occur amongst competitors.

A partner to Free the Children, Me to We Style generously donates 50% of its generated income to the charity. By wearing Me to We Style, not only is the company displayed in a positive way, but also Free the Children is promoted, all while the wearer feels confident, comfortable and proud to wear trendy, in style clothing. Wearing Me to We Style is a way of unifying FTC supporters and causing awareness for the cause.

When I was first assigned the Dream TV Show blog, I immediately knew I wanted to write a reality show. I’m very competitive and love game shows and competitions. But something else I really wanted to incorporate was making this game show different from the others. During my reign as Miss Teen Okotoks- World, I’ve been fundraising for Free the Children, so this means I’ve done a fair amount of research to learn about the charity. One of the campaigns stood out the most to me, and that was the Vow of Silence. I thought it was an excellent strategy of raising awareness. While many people try to be heard and get attention by being loud, or saying very strong statements, the Vow of Silence gets attention the exact opposite way, which I find absolutely genius. It’s actually something that I would love to participate in. Needless to say, if You Don’t Say were to be a real television show, I’d gladly take an episode off from hosting to be a contestant!

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Terrific concept – highly original. However TV production companies like to have contestants that speak so as to reveal their mental turmoils and heighten the drama. Also people at home like to watch real characters and their dialogue is important – but other than that, I think you have a real powerful idea here…

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