For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to travel to South America. In particular, I would love to visit Colombia. Although there has been dangerous encounters in the past, there are safe places aswell. One of my current aspirations is to learn Spanish. This would help me a great deal, and a lot of social interactions would go a lot more smoothly compared to if I only knew English. I think it would be amazing for me to learn more about my heritage, and get to experience a lot of it first hand.

A photo of Shakira while visiting her home of Colombia.

There are a number of things that really attract me to the Latin American culture. I’ve always loved Latino music. Some of my favourite artists are Romeo Santos, Daddy Yankee, Shakira, and Enrique Iglesias. Something that a lot of people don’t know about Shakira is how much she keeps in touch with her roots, and how down to earth she still is, regardless of her huge success. She has actually began a $36 million education project for more than 6000 Colombian students, in order to promote university educations.

Colombian Empanadas. An appetizer composed of a pastry filled with chicken, several peppers and spices.

If you have any latino friends, or access to any food channels, you’ll know that a very attractive aspect of Latino culture is the delectable food! A wide variety of flavours are present in nearly every dish. From the sweet chiros and creamy flan (although flan is traditionally Mexican), and the juicy fruits to spicy fajitas and enchiladas, there are tastes for every eater imaginable! And who could ever forget a rich cup of Colombian coffee! In my house we’re very picky, and just about only buy Colombian coffee grounds. Once you experience the strong, delicious taste, you will fall in love.

The tropical rain forests have some of the highest levels of biodiversity in existence. It is estimated that 50%- 80% of all plant and animal species in the world are present in the tropical rain forests.

Finally, something that completely allures me to the beautiful country of exotic Colombia is definitely the climate and landscape. Completely contrasted to Canada, Colombia has a tropical climate. Since it’s so close to the equator, this is an explanation for the consistent hot temperatures such as 27 degrees celsius, and levels of high humidity. In terms of precipitation, its safe to say its nowhere close to receiving four feet of the snow the way Alberta or Ontario does. However, in the tropical rainforest areas, a mean level of rain precipitation can easily reach 4000 mm annually. I think its absolutely incredible how preserved the rain forests are specifically in South America. The rich biodiversity is a beautiful indicator of preserved plant and animal species that haven’t yet been extinct, especially due to human activity or pollution (phew!). All of your senses are stimulated when visiting a rainforest. The touch of soft leaves, the smell of fertile, fresh plants. The taste of ripe fruits. The sound of calling birds. And of course, the beautiful view of colours and shapes you can find nowhere else in the world.

The use of colours in this beautiful building in the capital of Colombia, Bogota, is stunning!

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