Calgary International Children’s Festival

As I mentioned in one of my earlier blog posts, I got the chance to volunteer at the Calgary International Children’s Festival. This was an especially significant opportunity for me since I have had to grow up very fast. I think its also very important for children to savour and cherish every moment of their childhood, because its truly a privilege to live life through the pure, youthful quality as a child, and experience life through an innocent perspective, and live through bliss and fun. I think that the Calgary Children’s Festival really captured this essence, and it was a truly unique, special event that everybody, young and old, could feel this aura. I thought it was a heart warming example of how the love and passion for children’s happiness could bring so many busy and dedicated people from around the world together for one reason. In particular, I worked at the Artist Meet and Greet, which was a party for all the performers and artists from all over the world to mingle with each other. For example, I met the band ‘Drums United’, who have  members from Bangladesh, Senegal, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Surinam and Venezuela. They play some amazing songs, with thriving, global rhythms. Heres one of my favourite videos by them. I was also told that it was a CIFC tradition for all of the artists and staff to take a group photo doing a tiger pose, and this was so fierce that I just couldn’t resist!

The fierce artists and staff from the 2012 Calgary International Children's Festival.

Miss Teen Okotoks In The Newspaper

Recently, I also had some exciting new from my mom that the local newspaper for Okotoks, the Western Wheel had requested an interview with me! This was very exciting for me, and although interviews are typically my weakest spot, I ended up feeling very comfortable with the entire thing. I think it was such a privilege, and it really added to the whole atmosphere of just how big of a deal it really is to be a national finalist for Miss Teen Canada- World. It was even a pleasant shock for me to see just how real this entire experience is when I got to see myself on the finalist page! The newspaper interview was actually so much fun, I love having questions asked about myself, because that way I can share so much about myself that some people may have never guessed to be true about me. I encourage you to check out my interview, I think you may learn some very interesting facts about myself, and my mom’s perspective on how the pageant has effected me.

The photo taken of me for my town's newspaper in front of a very recognizable Okotoks location- The Sheep River.


I felt like a mini celebrity seeing myself in the newspaper!

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Great post. But does the Calgary International Children’s Festival not have a website you can link to? What about Western Wheel newspaper? and then I would have separated the two stories better by using headers (h3) Overall great work though. You’re on a roll.

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